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COMPUTEX 2006 with VIZO Print E-mail
Written by Laptop News   
Sunday, 18 June 2006
At COMPUTEX 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan ROC, we met up with VIZO, relative newcomer to the PC Accessory world to check out what they had cooking for the Laptop Market. What we were greeted with wasn't some chintzy generic stuff that you would expect from a first year company. I was quite pleased with the thought and the very polished look of the product that we saw. Here are some of our Laptop Lifestyle Favourites!

Laptop Coolers

VIZO definitely made the mouse trap better when they introduced the new XENA Laptop Cooler. Drawing on their hard drive enclosure expertise, this cooler features a bay for a 2.5 inch IDE hard drive. Once installed, the cooler offers hot swap capability and one touch backup and restore for all your files under Windows 2000 and XP. Not only that, but the XENA is made of ful aluminum and completely USB bus powered. Two low noise fans offer up the cool breeze from below. It also features three USB 2.0 ports. Add this one to the Laptop Lifestyle wish list boys and girls!

If you're looking for something a little more simple, VIZO also offers up the NINJA Noiseless Laptop Cooler. It's powered by USB, uses full aluminum, and is extremely simple and quiet. Kind of the antithesis to the XENA.

Hard Drive Enclosures

After a while, hard drive enclosures all look the same, but this one caught our eye on one thing: One touch file and system backup. So instead of having to wait for your whole system to backup, you can now chose to backup stuff that is immediately important and get the hell out of Dodge! Why no one thought of this sooner, I guess we'll never know. The Saturno enclosure shown here offers the above features with a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. VIZO also does that in a 3.5 inch drive enclosure for SATA called the Uranus. Both of them can be interfaced with USB or E-SATA.


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